• Alice Wanders

    Research Officer, Stenning & Associates, BA-LLB, BMARTSCI (Proff Hons)

    Lifeincolour helped me clarify my career goals by building my self confidence and understanding of my interests. I definitely feel more in control and happier with my day to day life. I find I have more energy to focus on the tasks and issues that are most important to me, and I have developed a much deeper understanding of myself and realised some goals I want to work towards. I definitely feel a deep inner confidence about the path I am on and am happier about the differences between me and other people.

    Anthony Edler

    Founder, Risdonvale Bike Collective

    Coaching with Lifeincolour has enabled me to explore my goals, developing practices and actions to practically do this in day to day life. It has also provided accountability and assessment of these actions, allowing honest review and tweaks as needed. I have explored a new range of leadership areas, especially areas in which I was initially either weak or inexperienced in, growing my capacity and effectiveness as a leader. As a result I have seen growth and unity in my team which has exceeded my expectations.

    Rebecca Woodhouse

    Subeditor, Freelance Bookkeeper

    People throw around the term “life-changing” a bit too often for my liking, but that’s exactly how I feel about my experiences with Lifeincolour. The course of my life has been altered. I really felt stuck – suffocated by inertia and unable to decide on a way forward. Because of this training, I have decided on an alternative career path – one that uses my new-found strengths. I have solidified my core values and learnt how to use these as a filter when making decisions. And I now know that my unique combination of strengths is an asset – an asset not everyone possesses, and one I can draw upon in any number of situations.

    Andrew Robb

    Youth Pastor

    I sought Andy out as a ministry coach in a season where I knew my leadership skills were going to be stretched. I had a strong sense of what God’s vision for my community was, and knew it went beyond my own experience and gifting. What initially attracted me to Andy, was his real world experience (and fruitfulness) in transformational and strategic leadership. Having the opportunity to draw on Andy's experience has been wonderful, but the real value has been in his gifting as a coach. Andy is patient and disciplined in looking for the ways God is developing my own leadership skills and then partnering with that work, rather than simply handing me a solution to my problems. His insight, discernment, and gentle (yet challenging) leadership is a real gift!