• We coach and equip pioneering leaders

    to become who they were created to be

  • What We Offer

    One-on-One Coaching

    Coaching for leadership. Coaching for life.

    Tailor-made, ongoing coaching to help you achieve breakthrough in work and in life..

    CliftonStrengths® Coaching

    Discover Your Unique Talents

    Learn how to turn your talents into strengths, and start living your best life at work and everywhere else.

    Organisational Consulting

    Culture change and strategy development

    High-level coaching and consulting for leaders and leadership teams, to help you bring long-term culture change in your organisation or business.

    Faith-Based Organisations

    Specific Offerings for Churches

    Specific, tailored coaching, training and consulting for churches and faith-based communities

  • Where we work

    We are able to work with leaders anywhere in the world through video-conferencing technology.

    We can travel to meet with leaders onsite in their location.

    We can host leaders for coaching and retreat in the beautiful setting of rural Tasmania, Australia.

  • Who We Are

    Andy Goodacre

    Team Leader

    Married to Liz, and father to two girls, Andy is a qualified and experienced leadership coach and consultant with almost two decades experience leading teams and developing leaders within the church and not-for-profit sector.


    Andy has undertaken post-graduate study in Global Leadership through the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies in Pasadena, California, specialising in leadership development, coaching and organisational culture change. He has also received professional training through the Christian Coaching Institute in Melbourne, and Strengths Network South Pacific.


    Over the last two decades, Andy has held senior training and leadership development positions in faith-based and not-for-profit organisations in the UK, Germany and Australia.

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