Individual Leadership Coaching

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What is Coaching?

Lifeincolour coaching is designed to help you develop your innate potential, experience breakthrough in life, lead more effectively and make a valuable contribution in all of life - at work, in relationships, in your local community.

Coaching sessions are usually 60 minutes in length, and take place at least once per month, online, on the phone or face-to-face.


How is it different?


Lifeincolour coaching is oriented around you, the client. We're focussed on your goals, your growth, your development, and your actions. You set the agenda. We shape the process and create the environment to get you there.


Lifeincolour Coaching is a personalised approach to training. We tailor the coaching process around you, your needs, your context, your strengths and your personality.


Lifeincolour Coaching places a high value on developing trust and rapport between coach and client, and on creating a genuine and authentic coaching relationship. 


We take a holistic approach to coaching, focussing not only on your performance, but also on you as a person. We're interested in you living the best life you possible can, at work and everywhere else.

Discovery Learning

Rather than just telling you what to do, we ask questions to help the you discover answers for yourself. Good, powerful, open questions assist you in exploring underlying assumptions and motivations - which would not otherwise be apparent. This process of asking helps you to consider different perspectives and to discover greater focus and clarity.

Action-orientated and future focussed

We focus on looking forward and getting you moving. What would it look like to move towards that goal? How will you respond? What might some practical next-steps look like? We're committed to helping you take action to move towards your goals.


Why would I want a coach?

Eight reasons why leaders need coaches:

  1. Leaders get stuck in routine and need help to break out of that routine and reflect more broadly on their practice

  2. Leaders benefit greatly from having a voice that comes from outside of their everyday context

  3. Leaders benefit from having a safe relationship in which to process verbally their ideas, fears, dreams, worries etc.

  4. Leaders struggle to gain clarity by themselves - coaches help a leader gain clarity

  5. Leaders don’t have enough determination to pull off everything they want to do by themselves - coaches help a leader to execute what they want to execute on

  6. Leaders benefit greatly from the accountability which coaching provides - and so are able to action - consistently - the next steps they have identified

  7. Leaders struggle to understand themselves well by themselves - a coach asking challenging questions helps a leader to understand themselves better

  8. Leaders benefit far more from training input when it is coupled with ongoing, on-the-job coaching, than they do from training alone