Our Team


Andy Goodacre - Director / Leadership Coach

Strengths: Connectedness, Communication, Strategic, Empathy, Activator

Married to Liz, and father to two girls, Andy is a qualified and experienced leadership coach and consultant with almost two decades experience leading teams and developing leaders within the church and not-for-profit sector. 

Andy holds an MA in Global Leadership from the Fuller School of Intercultural Studies in Pasadena, California, specialising in leadership development, coaching and organisational culture change. He also holds a CERT IV in Leadership Coaching from the Christian Coaching Institute in Melbourne, and is an accredited CliftonStrengths Coach.

Over the last two decades, Andy has held senior training and leadership development positions in faith-based and not-for-profit organisations in the UK, Germany and Australia.

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Gabi Dunn - Operations Manager

Strengths: Individualisation, Discipline, Developer, Positivity, Harmony

 Gabi is experienced in project and event management both within the church and non-profit sector. She has worked alongside leaders from many contexts and walks of life while managing and events and services in leadership coaching and consultancy over the last six years.

Gabi holds an undergraduate degree in psychological sciences, with a minor in human resource management. She is passionate about working with young people in the mental health sector, and helping people live in alignment with their calling and values.

Our Partners

Advisory Board

We have a small lifeincolour advisory board who meet 3-4 times per year to help us focus on our strategy and governance, and to hold us accountable to our goals.


Strengths Network South Pacific

We are strategic partners with Strengths Network South Pacific - who provide training, accreditation and quality assurance to coaches using the Gallup CliftonStrengths tools and assessments.

Visit www.strengthsnetwork.org for more information.