Coaching for teams - Strengths as a Business Strategy

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People who get to use their strengths every day are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life, and six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs.

Gallup’s research has shown that a strengths based approach improves a person’s confidence, direction, hope and kindness towards others.

Across the board, having the opportunity to use and develop our strengths is more important to our success than our role, job title and even our pay.

In their research on employee engagement, Gallup discovered that a focus on talent virtually eliminates active disengagement.

Impact of Strengths-based management on employee engagement

% of employees
  • When a manager primarily ignores his or her employees, the chances of those employees being actively disengaged is 4 in 10.

  • When a manger primarily focuses on the weakness of his or her employees, the chances of being actively disengaged is about 2 in 10.

  • When a manager primarily focuses on the Strengths of his or her employees, the chances of being actively disengaged is just 1 in 100.

When people in an organisation focus on talent discovery and Strengths development, it actually influences the engagement level of the organisation’s associates.

Based on Gallup’s research, engagement levels are directly correlated to seven key business outcomes: Productivity, Profitability, Safety, Customer Engagement, Absenteeism, Shrinkage and Retention.

Your conversations about talents and Strengths can make a real difference in your organisation.

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