• CliftonStrengths® Coaching

    Through our partnership with Strengths Network South Pacific, we offer coaching using Gallup's CliftonStrengths® online assessment.

    Do What You Do Best Every Day

    Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses.

    People use these innate traits and abilities in their daily lives to complete their work, to relate with others, and to achieve their goals. But most people don't know what their strengths are or have the opportunity to use them to their advantage.


    Join 10 Million Others

    To discover YOUR strengths Gallup created the science of CliftonStrengths®. From more than 50 years of research Gallup's CliftonStrengths® online assessment has helped millions of people discover what they do best.

    People who focus on their strengths every day are:

    • 6x as likely to be engaged in their jobs
    • More than 3x as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life
    • More productive - individually and in teams

    Knowing my strengths is a tool for helping me:

    • Choose a career
    • Understand how I might best learn and study
    • Build and maintain my relationships
    • Unleash my motivation
    • Develop my business and the team I manage
  • How It Works


    Take the online assessment

    We provide you with a code to take the CliftonStrengths® test online.


    Receive your in-depth report

    After taking your CliftonStrengths® assessment, you receive summary and in depth reports about your Signature Themes of talent



    You receive a 90 minute coaching session to help you begin your Strengths Journey

  • CliftonStrengths® Videos

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    If you'd like to find out more about CliftonStrengths® Coaching, or to begin your Strengths journey, please don't hesitate to get in touch.