• Churches and Faith-based Organisations

    Custom-made Coaching and Consulting for Churches and Faith-based Organisations

    Coming soon...

    Full details on our custom-made offerings for churches and faith-based organisations is coming soon. In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us to find out more.


    At lifeincolour we have a particular depth of experience in coaching and consulting with church leaders and members of church communities. Andy has been involved in local church leadership since 2001, in the UK, Germany and Australia, with particular emphasis on church planting, leadership emergence development, communication and coaching individuals to discover their calling and vocation.


    Over the last decade our lifeincolour team has been involved in training, coaching and consulting church leaders and leadership teams as they seek build a culture of discipleship, leadership and mission in their local church contexts. Prior to founding lifeincolour, Andy served as Head of Coaching and Head of Learning Communities with 3dm in Australia and New Zealand, and continues to work as a consultant and project lead within this network.